About Us


We're a web and app development company that's been around for a few years now, and have created great relationships with a small group of clients that keep coming back to us for more. Whether they are testing the web waters, experienced retailers or a web design agency, we've proven our worth.

As dedicated techies, we're happy to provide white label services, or to provide a direct line between the client and the developer.


We're not set on one platform or technology, speak to us about the right tool for you.


We work hard to make your vision happen.


Let us know your work and vision requirements, and we can work around you.



Mobile App

We expand into mobile apps, our first client


White label work

First contact with a design agency and first work with a design agency.


Our First Major Client

A good relationship is started, and continues to this day.


Our Journey Begins

KimIT Is born

Cool things we do

Our Services

App Development

Using Hybrid technology, we produce IOS, Android and Windows apps efficiently and quickly.

Web Development

Large and small projects, we're able to take them on. Customised work is our speciality.


No matter how busy your site, we have a solution for you.

Pricing / Budget

We understand that you want to know roughly how much something may cost, so below we've put together the basic starting costs for some of our services. However we are flexible, so if your budget falls short, give us a call and we should still be able to help you out.

Basic Website
Ecommerce Sites
Mobile App

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